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There are various degrees of innovation. AXS M31 is 100% innovation.

The life processes of our planet require enormous quantities of energy, upon this concept, the technology developed by the Italian researcher Alessandro Mendini is based. He is a pure scientist, free and independent, who invented the “computerised hydro-compressed magnetic charges” that are the core technology of all products AXS M31 have in production.

The Mendini’s technology is unique in the world and is the fruit of the Italian researcher’s main finding, the discovery of energy.

We should write Discovery with the D in capital letter, in order to be respectful in his regards, because he served his Discovery to the humanity in a particular era where the survival of the human race is at stake.

In other words, it is not simply the Discovery of energy resulting from human technological progress,  such as energy from mechanical, electrical, thermal, and atomic energy.

So, what kind of energy are we talking about?

It is “Superior” Energy.

Higher Energy differs from all other types of energy used in our planet. It is therefore not a “raw” type of energy such as the one coming from exhaustible sources (coal, oil, gas, nuclear, etc.) or renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.).

Its source is the deep cosmos, and it exceeds the speed of light.

It is energy in perpetual transition from which life flows. This energy put us in front of newly discovered physical measures; the measures of the magnetic flows, beyond the atomic-molecular scale, beyond the magnetic scale.

remediation of contaminated sites

In the magnetic flows scale, the power of 100 billionths of billionths of nanograms of the matter is equal to one million atomic bombs of 1 Megaton (where 1 kg of uranium is used for 1 Megaton).

It is given comparison with atomic bombs just to understand better how high is this energy, but in Nature this potential exists. In fact, the growth of a plant or the germination of a seed is an explosion: enormous quantities of energy are used by the plant for its primary program, for the development of all the vital processes (photosynthesis, nutrition, defence, metabolism, etc.).

Considering the Mendini’s discoveries of the magnetic capsules of the components (+) plus (0) zero (-) minus, the computerised hydro-compressed charges and  the wireless programming for the re-powering of Bio Aksxter®, we can safely affirm that the gap between Science and “New Science” is increasingly unbridgeable…

And then the last born: Almen XM 236 decontaminating technology.

remediation of contaminated sitesAlmen XM236 decontaminant: remediation of contaminated sites

Can a fertiliser decontaminate? “The process of natural fertilisation involves purification” states Alessandro Mendini who, knowing the secrets of Mother Nature, is able to repower and accelerate the processes that can contrast the anthropogenic pollution of the earth-water-air matrices, which are contaminated.

remediation of contaminated sites

From the contamination of agricultural lands, industrial sites and nuclear plants, the environmental health is at risks due to very high concentration of toxic substances in the ecosystem. It can only be solved with the help of energy.

In Almen XM 236 the formulation of the magnetic charges have a power equal to 29.8 and 89.4 GW/mm3, apart from the difficult calculation, it is a unachievable amount of energy with current energy production methods, not even joining together all the nuclear power plants of the planet.

Why we need all this energy?

Immense and innumerable are the agricultural lands where contaminants of various kinds have been buried, and also lands were endless quantities of chemical products and waste from various industrial processes (slag, waste, heavy metals, etc.) are accumulated. They are our lands.

Surface and underground waters increasingly contaminated by chemical and radioactive substances, fuels and microplastics in the seas and fishes, even drugs in rivers and sewer drains floating up to the renowned beaches. They are our waters.

Fine and ultrafine atmospheric particles of anthropogenic origin, such as nanopowders, exhaust gas from cars and fumes from chimneys are found even in the healthy mountain air. Yes, it’s the air we breathe.

remediation of contaminated sites

Repairing our ecosystem is the purpose of the Mendini’s discovery, coping with chemical, radioactive and bacteriological pollution is the aim of Almen XM236 decontaminating technology.

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This post is also available in: Italiano