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Dedicated to all farmers who want to know the best time to start using Bio Aksxter® and get the best results from the first production cycle.

Cultivate with Bio Aksxter®

One of the most frequent questions that farmers ask themselves is when is the right moment to start treating their crops with Bio Aksxter®.

Conventional fertilisation, which has a knock-on effect on the crops, restricts the intervention at certain stages of the crop cycle; unfortunately, the climatic changes often alters the time and the conditions for the nutrients to be absorbed, and if the farmer does not consider the climatic variations the results will be poor or even counterproductive.

The innovative fertilisation delivered by Bio Aksxter®, on the other hand, never causes unconditional boost to the plants, but reprograms the balance of all their vital functions and, respecting their vegetative and reproductive needs, constantly support growth, development and fructification.

Spreading Bio Aksxter®
Spreading Bio Aksxter®: NO NEED for personal protection items – gloves, eye wear, spray suits, and protective masks.

For this reason, the use of Bio Aksxter® can start at any time, regardless of the plant’s age or the crop cycle stage, allowing the farmer to see the first results in a short time.

For example, starting the use of Bio Aksxter® on young plants or during growth phases, speeds up their development and entry into production, while starting the use at the end of the production season or on adult plants, results in a better vegetative balance, better fruit’s maturation and conservation as well as improved lignification of the vegetative tissues and the buds development for the following year.

Treatments with Bio Aksxter® in organic viticulture
Treatments with Bio Aksxter® in organic viticulture

In order to get the best results already in the first year/cycle of cultivation, it is important to start using Bio Aksxter® as soon as possible.

  • In viticulture and fruit growing, starting from the winter treatment preparation (carried out immediately after harvesting) without having to wait for the vegetative phase, it notably improve the results of the next cycle. In fact, this intervention, allow the plant to reprogram itself during the long phase of vegetative rest, and optimises all the vegetative phases in particular: flowering, pollination and fruit set. All crops treated before wintertime better overcome the stress and damages caused by climatic instability typical of the winter season.

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  • In the nursery’s production of grafted tree plants, the treatment of the grafting scions, before are harvested and stored, improves their conservation and then when grafted, ensure a quicker plant’s engraftment and sprouting.
  • In the nursery’s production of young horticultural and floricultural plants, it is possible to start the treatments already during the preparation of the sowing substrate and then immediately after tillering.
  • In cereals grain production, the preparation treatment is carried out before ploughing on the previous crop residues, while in horticulture and new arboreal plants it is recommended to treat the soil with Bio Aksxter® before the soil preparation. In cereals too, the treatment carried out before the winter phase will improve the plant’s rooting as well as increase the production results.

    Tomatoes grown with Bio Aksxter®
    Tomatoes grown with Bio Aksxter®

In short, even considering the above suggestions for the best results, the treatments with Bio Aksxter® can anyway be carried out in every stage of the crop cycle because its rebalancing action takes place at every stage. Therefore, every moment is good, indeed, the best.

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This post is also available in: Italiano