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AXS M31: 19 years of innovation in the agro-industry sector

Since 2002 AXS M31 has been producing advanced formulations for all sectors of conventional and organic agriculture for professionals and hobbyists.
AXS M31, thanks to the discovery of the researcher Alessandro Mendini, produces the only natural depolluting fertiliser that restores the agroecosystem and significantly increases agricultural production.
The advanced technology of Bio Aksxter® programs the balance of plant and soil, reproducing the natural processes. Fertilising the soil with Bio Aksxter® means revitalising it, enhancing the plant's metabolic functions and depolluting the soil-water-air system.

AXS M31 is the company engaged in research aimed at improving farming results, solving agricultural problems, such as plant diseases and other diseases, and developing advanced projects in the agri-environmental and agri-food sectors.

Ideal partner for those who want the excellence of their crop production.
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