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Crop treatments

What to grow? How to grow?

These are some of the questions that the farmer asks himself in pursuing of his most important goal: obtain healthy and profitable crops. How to cultivate preserving crops from disease? In modern agriculture, diseases are essentially caused by pollution that limits the self-defences of plants, compromises the soil microbiological balance triggering pathogenic organisms of various kinds.

Bio Aksxter® reinforces the primary biological program of plants by improving their immune response. A natural fertiliser that affecting the productive capacity of soil and reprogramming the plant balance ensures profitable and healthy cultivation.

Profitable crops with Bio Aksxter®: the benefits

Bio Aksxter® goes further!
The only fertiliser with a depolluting technology that increases the agricultural productions and simplify the agronomic defences.
Without changing agronomic techniques, methods and intervention plans, Bio Aksxter® regenerates and revitalises the soil increasing the productions while avoiding soil exhaustion.
However it also acts on plants, because by increasing their autoimmune defences it prevents and reduces diseases and climatic stresses. In this way, the need of phytosanitary treatments is reduced optimising the farm's resources.

What to grow with Bio Aksxter®?

Bio Aksxter® is the ideal fertiliser for all types of crops and for any kind of agriculture method, whether it is in the open field or in a greenhouse, professional or hobbyist. Regular use of Bio Aksxter® guarantees solid results: productions with high quality and quantities and high income for the farmer, both in the short and long term period.