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Cereal Crops - Rice, Maize, Millet, Sorghum, Wheat...

Benefits and Advantages of Growing cereal crops with Bio Aksxter®


  • The plant rebalancing reduces the excess vigour and bedding phenomena. The plant’s structure have a regular, a higher number of culms and a better pollination determines an average productive increase (demonstrated by university research) of 25-30% of grains and 10-15% of straws.
  • The elimination of chemical and polluting residues determines greater seed vitality and an increase of nutritional properties. It also improves the grains storage and conservation, avoiding the development of toxins when stored in silos. Furthermore, it also avoids harmful substances to affect the consumer’s health.
  •  The increasing plant self-defences prevent and reduce the development of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases of the shoot and root apparatus. Moreover, it increases the resistance to climatic stresses and reduces the damages caused by drought, acid or persistent rains, frost and sudden temperature changes.
  • The soil regeneration and revitalisation rebalance the microorganic fauna, restoring fertility and humification capacity. The soil exhaustion issues are progressively solved thus improving its structure  Consequently is more workable and oxygenated, less subject to water stagnation in rainy months and has a greater capacity of water retention in the dry seasons.


Bio Aksxter® M31 agriculture line

In case crops are hit by stubborn phytopathologies, it is necessary to double the dosage of the first 3 treatments. Moreover, pre-treatments with triple dose may be necessary according to technical evaluation.

Distribution mode

  • The indicated doses can be diluted in any volume of water and distributed, either radically or foliarly, by any means available and with any meteorological condition.
  • Doses higher than those indicated will never damage the plant.


  • The treatments on larger surfaces (over 50 hectares) decrease the quantity of product to be used by 20%.
  • When growing rice, pour Bio Aksxter® directly into the water inlet when the paddy is submerged. Between emptying and filling the paddy, the product is retained in the soil, so it does not lose its effectivness.