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Floriculture and young plant nurseries - Young flowering plants and vegetable plants

  • The plant rebalance optimise growth, promoting crop homogeneity and reducing crop waste. The plant cuttings are characterised by a healthy root system and a high number of microroots. The plant develops rapidly and remains compact with abundant flowering, improved size, color, fragrance and durability. The improved elasticity and thickening of the plant tissues increases its resistance to mechanical stresses such as repotting, transport and transplantation.
  • The elimination of chemical residues and the consequent plant purification from fertilisers, pesticides and hormonal substances, increase its vitality. The stress of transplanting is reduced, rooting takes place in a shorter time, the number of young plant death in the field is reduced and in young plants the first production is anticipated.
  • The increasing plant self-defences prevent and reduce the development of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases of the shoot and root apparatus; it facilitates the overcoming of sudden temperature changes, deficiency or excess of light, environmental and cultural stresses.
  • The greater resistance to climatic stresses reduces he damages caused by drought, acid or persistent rains, temperature shocks and frost. In case of hailstorms, it accelerates the plant healing and restores the vegetative functions.
  • The regeneration and revitalisation of the soil structure, rebalances the microorganic fauna, restoring the fertility and humification capacity. The issues related to soil exhaustion are progressively solved. The crop residues from the previous cultivation are rapidly degraded, preventing the onset of diseases and allowing constant and homogeneous productions.

Bio Aksxter® M32 horti-floriculture line

In case crops are hit by stubborn phytopathologies, it is necessary to double the dosage of the first 3 treatments. Moreover, pre-treatments with triple dose may be necessary according to technical evaluation. In the presence of soil diseases we recommend the use of Bio Aksxter® M31 agriculture line.

Distribution mode

  • The indicated doses can be diluted in any volume of water and distributed, either radically or foliarly, by any means available and with any meteorological condition.
  • Bio Aksxter® is miscible with any other product.
  • Doses higher than those indicated will never damage the plant.


  • In the preparation of the soil before the cutting or repotting, sprinkle with 300 ml per hectolitre.
  • In fertigation, Bio Aksxter® should be added to the nutrient tank on a weekly basis.
  • To prolong the life of cut flowers, use 100 ml per hectolitre in the maintenance water.