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Small fruits production - Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, currants...

  • The plant rebalance optimises the vegetative development favouring fruiting, anticipating the production and prolonging the harvesting period. The productions are distinguished by size uniformity, fruit colouring and reduction of fruit waste. The thickening and elasticity of fruit tissues reduces cracks and improves its consistency which is maintained over time.
  • The removal of chemical and polluting residues determines a greater preservability, improving taste, sugar content and increasing the vitamins and antioxidants content. Furthermore, it also avoids harmful substances to affect the consumer’s health.
  • The increasing plant self-defences prevent and reduce pathogenic attacks and facilitate the overcoming of temperature shocks. In addition, with adverse weather conditions, Bio Aksxter® is crucial for preventing and containing diseases (e.g. botrytis), particularly during harvesting when crop protection products with a long residual period can not be used.
  • The soil regeneration and revitalisation rebalances the microorganic fauna, restores fertility and humification capacity. The soil exhaustion issues and excessive salinity are progressively solved. Furthermore, the crop residues from the previous cultivation degrade rapidly without encouraging the onset of diseases. The productions are constant and homogeneous.


Bio Aksxter® M31 agriculture line

In case crops are hit by stubborn phytopathologies, it is necessary to double the dosage of the first 3 treatments. Moreover, pre-treatments with triple dose may be necessary according to technical evaluation.

Distribution mode

  • The indicated doses can be diluted in any volume of water and distributed, either radically or foliarly, by any means available and with any meteorological condition.
  • Bio Aksxter® is miscible with any other product and can be used in any phenological and cultivation phase, even during flowering and harvesting.
  • Doses higher than those indicated will never damage the plant.


  • The wetting of young plants before planting with 50 ml per hectolitre further reduces transplant stress and promotes engraftment.
  • The treatment in bloom favors the pollination as the bees are attracted to it.
  • In fertigation Bío Aksxter should be added to the nutrient tank on a weekly basis.