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Tree Fruit Crops & Orchards - Pear, Apple, Cherry, Plum, Peach, Apricot

Benefits and Advantages of growing Fruit tree crops and Orchards with Bio Aksxter®


  • The plant rebalance optimises the vegetative development and favors a greater fructification. The excess vigour is reduced and bud differentiation and ripening are increased. The alternate bearing decreases, the productions are distinguished by uniformity of fruit size abd colour, reduction of fruit waste and post-harvest losses. A greater consistency and elasticity of the fruit tissues reduces cracks and increases the fruit hardness which is maintained over time.
  • The elimination of chemical and polluting residues in the fruit, improves its taste, sugar, vitamins and antioxidants content, and also notably extends the shelf life. Furthermore, it also avoids harmful substances to affect the consumer’s health.
  • The greater resistance to climatic stresses reduces the damages caused by drought, acid or persistent rains, frost and temperature changes; in case of hailstorms it accelerates the plant healing and restores its vegetative functions.
  • The increase in self-defences prevents and reduces both diseases conditioned by climatic variations such as powdery mildew and scab, and more complex diseases such as Plum Pox Virus. Moreover, in case of persistent rains during harvest, the use of Bio Aksxter® is crucial to avoiding and containing the development of monilia, botrytis and fruit rot.
  • The soil regeneration and revitalisation rebalances the microorganic fauna, restoring fertility, humification capacity and soil structure. The issues related with soil exhaustion are progressively solved. The orchards are homogeneous in terms of both vegetative development and productivity; young plants anticipate the first production.

Bio Aksxter® M31 agriculture line

In case crops are hit by stubborn phytopathologies, it is necessary to double the dosage of the first 3 treatments.  Moreover, pre-treatments with triple dose may be necessary according to technical evaluation.

Cadence of treatments


  • Bio Aksxter® M31 should be used throughout the vegetative cycle.
  • You have to perform the first three treatments every 15 days and the following every 30 days until the harvest + 1 pre-winter.
  • In the early ripening varieties, treat every 15-20 days. up to harvest + 1 pre-winter.

Distribution mode

  • The indicated doses can be diluted in any volume of water and distributed, either radically or foliarly, by any means available and with any meteorological condition.
  • Bio Aksxter® is miscible with any other product and can be used in any phenological and cultivation phase, even during flowering and harvesting.
  • Doses higher than those indicated will never damage the plant.



  • The treatment in bloom favors the pollination as the bees are attracted to it.
  • During the preparation of the soil for new plants, carry out a treatment at least 15 days before the transplant.
  • If you'll wet the plants before planting with 50 ml per hectolitre of water, you'll obtain major reduction of the transplant stress, thus facilitating engraftment.
  • Pre-winter treatment is of paramount importance to safeguard the vital capacity of the plant during the rest period when the plant is more vulnerable. It helps the plant to keep the energy for budding as much as possible.

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