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Natural fertilisers with depolluting technology: sustainable development for innovative agriculture

Present and future of agricultural productions

The range of Bio Aksxter® products, consisting exclusively of natural fertilisers, reproduce the natural process of fertilisation that takes place through the biological exchanges between water-soil-plant-air.

Bio Aksxter® technology goes beyond environmental sustainability.

It is the only technical mean in agriculture capable of solving issues related to pollution. Decontaminating soil and aquifers it eliminates chemical residues from agricultural products.

Bio Aksxter® is a real innovation in agriculture, regardless of the cultivation method, be it organic, integrated or conventional.

How does Bio Aksxter® depolluting action work?


The innovative Bio Aksxter® formulation closes the “circuit” of contaminating molecules released into the environment, bringing crops and soil back into balance.

It lowers the “basic soil radioactivity” preventing alterations of the plant “primary program”. Consequently, avoids phenomena of plant deformation and the loss of self-defences. The contaminating substances present in the soil are transformed by bio-degraders into organic absorption structures, thus rebalancing the microbiological activity.

Its depolluting formulation is highly concentrated, dilutes in water and forms a pre-organic compound that revitalises the soil through the self-reproduction of "virgin microorganisms". Moreover it is readily assimilated by the plant, promoting the "hydrophony" of nutrients, oxygen exchanges, light capture, cell regeneration and the regulation of lymphatic flows.

What are the benefits of using natural depolluting fertilisers Bio Aksxter®?


The depolluting action of Bio Aksxter® creates manifold benefits: regenerated and revitalised soil, significantly reduced plant diseases, elimination of chemical residues from agricultural products, increased yields and farm incomes are some of the main benefits of using Bio Aksxter® technology

A line of fertilisers that work according to nature and in respect of the environment.