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The composition of Bio Aksxter®

Bio Aksxter® formulation is closely linked to the problems of modern agriculture: the need of increasing crop productions and also the excessive use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers that already produced ecological disasters on a global scale.
We must consider the global and ever-increasing pollution of soil, water and air the most important cause of agricultural adversities, damages to the environment and to our health.

A World Unique Energy Technology

Bio Aksxter® has been scientifically engineered to meet the needs of modern agriculture, where the use of other substances more or less suitable for various crops is not enough in today’s environmental conditions.
"We need a technological product born from an advanced science, just to repair the previous technological mistakes" says the Italian researcher Alessandro Mendini, inventor of Bio Aksxter®. He is the Scientist that since the '80s, has formulated Bio Aksxter® with the aim of strengthening the vegetative-productive system, repairing the eco-biological exchanges thus restoring the natural balances.

Bio Aksxter® formulation is unique in the world because it is characterised by the "computerised hydro-compressed magnetic charges" whose patented process makes available to plant and soil an enormous amount of energy, essential for their vital processes.

The magnetic charges are units of “superior energy” of cosmic derivation, the result of the researcher A. Mendini’s discovery.  Those charges are in the measurement level of magnetic fluxes, therefore of energy, from which derives the atomic dimension, the basis of matter.

The following are the unique components of Bio Aksxter® formulation:

  • "Computerised hydro-compressed magnetic charges" with a capacity of 7.6 and 9.8 Gigawatt/mm3 are used for the loading process of the “specialised” minerals, which in turn constitute the core of the innovative formulation.
  • Specialised minerals” are functional to the plant’s light capture.
  • Water “hydromagnetozone”, is the solvent that completes the trio of elements that reproduces the natural process of fertilisation.
  • Sodium molybdate (3%) integrates the formulation to comply with the regulations related to organic farming.

Bio Aksxter® is the new generation fertiliser, constantly updated according to the parameters of today's environmental conditions. A real technology based on real energy!

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