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For an innovative agriculture

Continuous research for an innovative agriculture and sustainable development.

“It is energy the only factor capable of rebalancing the vital processes of plant and soil that makes Bio Aksxter® exclusive”. The scientific discovery of energy by the Italian researcher Alessandro Mendini, is articulated in the reproduction of a series of natural processes, first of all the “loading of the inert particles”. Opening the way to innovative agriculture and a perfectly sustainable development.

From the above processes depend the transition from inorganic to organic matter. That is the transformation of the mineral substance (inert) in biomass and the rebalancing of the primary life program of the plant. These phases are generally defined as the process of natural fertilisation.

The plant, in fact, is the only being able to transform the mineral substance into biomass. It is an important process, invisible to our eyes, but critical both for each stage of the plant growth, development and also for our lives.

Thanks to the innovative technology of Bio Aksxter®, it is possible to regenerate the vital structures of plants and soil, enhancing the natural plant growth and obtaining healthy agricultural products. Meeting also the needs and growing problems of the agricultural chain.

Research and development for innovative, eco-sustainable agriculture

Innovative agriculture?  It is unthinkable to create innovation in agriculture while remaining tied to outdated and harmful concepts and methods. Innovating means to draw on the new that advances, to evolve one's mind beyond the limits of human knowledge. For this reason, constant scientific research is essential, leading to a consequent technological development in full respect of the environment.This is the path that AXS M31 has taken with its research centre and Bio Aksxter® formulation.

In the AXS M31’s Scientific Technological Park, which covers an area of over 13,000 square meters, we work every day to develop innovative products. Our aim is safeguarding agriculture, health and the environment; through continuous research we are committed to a real innovation.

The Scientific Technological Park is composed of logistical-operational structures, technological installations, experimental and green areas. It is the result of more than twenty years of collaboration between the researcher Alessandro Mendini and Silvana Zambanini, owner of AXS M31.

AXS M31, through its experimental research in the field of vital plant structures, is committed to the continuous improvement of products for agriculture. For this reason AXS M31 is the right business partner for every farm: maximisation of agricultural productions, the resolution of various diseases thus respecting the environment!

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