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Bio Aksxter®: much more than just organic fertilisers

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Bio Aksxter®: much more than just natural fertilisers!

AXS M31's Bio Aksxter® products are not just highly concentrated natural fertilisers, their advanced formulation is able to enhance any types of crop and soil.

How does Bio Aksxter® fertiliser work?

Bio Aksxter® is a liquid fertiliser: it is an inorganic compound that dilutes in water and forms a readily assimilable pre-organic compound. The solution regenerates the vital structure of the soil and thru its action on the plant’s energy biology, it reprograms the plant vegetative-productive phases.

It is more than just a natural fertiliser!

By reproducing the process of natural fertilisation, Bio Aksxter® provides to the plant noble nutrients that promote oxygen exchanges, lymphatic flows regulation, light capture and cell regeneration.

Bio Aksxter® nano-structured natural fertilisers ensure excellent results in all types and methods of cultivation, for both farms and home gardeners

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