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Bio Aksxter® optimises your greenhouse investments: cultivation with the best production results!

Bottle 1L 290 Can 5L 1320
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The best results for fruit plants and horticulture in the greenhouse with particular light deficiencies: it compensates light deficiencies up to 70%!

Bio Aksxter® M31 greenhouse line is the only fertiliser designed to achieve the best agronomic results on horticultural and fruit plant cultivation in greenhouses with particular light deficiencies.

Its natural, nanostructured, magnetically formulated compound enhances the plant’s natural program of light capture, maximising the farm production as it would be in the open field.

The innovative formulation reproduces and boosts the natural processes, reprogramming the balance between plant and soil and regenerating the plant structure. Bio Aksxter® M31 greenhouse line increases the plant potential, prevents and reduces diseases of plants and soil by compensating light deficiencies up to 70%.

It allows production below the minimum threshold of optimal temperatures, reducing energy consumption in thermo-regulated greenhouses.

Treating plants and soil with Bio Aksxter® M31 greenhouse line makes your cultivation in greenhouse profitable and above all healthy, protecting your investments.

It is the ideal product for all growers that work for the best results in the cultivation of horticultural and fruit varieties in greenhouses with situations of light shortage (north-facing land, narrow valleys, crops under net, etc..).