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The best natural fertilisation for parks, gardens, green areas, nurseries and floriculture

Can 5L 400
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Bio Aksxter® M32 horti-floriculture line is a natural fertiliser with a decontaminating action specifically formulated for nurseries, the maintenance of green areas such as parks and gardens and the production of leafy vegetables.

It represents a real innovation in floriculture: it is engineered to focus its action on the plant vegetative development regenerating the plant structures and finally, increasing the plant potential.

The innovative formulation favours plant rooting, the recovery from environmental stresses and those stresses caused by transport, transplanting and repotting. It allows abundant and prolonged blooms, with vivid colours and intense scents.

Bio Aksxter® M32 horti-floriculture line enhances plant and soil oxygenation promoting recreational and sporting activities in parks, gardens and green areas.

Its decontaminating action regenerates the soil by restoring the microorganic fauna, activating the humification capacity thus increasing its fertility.

In case of plants affected by stubborn diseases, we recommend to use Bio Aksxter® M32 horti-floriculture line in combination with Bio Aksxter® M31 agriculture line.