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Profitable farming using Bio Aksxter®

These are the tangible benefits that the farm obtain by using Bio Aksxter®:

1.     Rebalancing plant and soil agro-ecosystem optimises the plant’s vegetative development

The farm's testimonial: "I used the product on an orchard of “Williams” pear that was completely unproductive and unable to produce flower buds. After a short period I started using Bio Aksxter® I saw the plants changing and finally the plants started making buds.”

2.     Increased productions and a higher income for the farm. Bio Aksxter® increases the production in significant percentages that can vary, depending on the soil condition and the type of crop, from 20% to 100%.

The farm's testimonial: "With the use of Bio Aksxter® I doubled the strawberry productions compared to the previous year. A year when production decreased significantly.”

3.     The productions are distinguished by size uniformity and better crop colour. The harvesting period  is prolonged and the percentage of crop waste reduced.

The farm's testimonial: "Using Bio Aksxter® in fennel cultivation, in addition to the increased quality we have achieved a larger size, on the average around 1 kg. Also, we have managed to limit the flaking to 2 leaves instead of 4. In addition, we have stopped using citric acid because the fennel does not oxidise, does not become dark.”

4.     Plants become more resistant to temperature shocks

The farm's testimonial: "After 8 frosts and 2 snowfalls this year in Puglia region there were no marketable fennels apart from ours. Thanks to the use of Bio Aksxter® we have sold perfect batches with large earning margins!”

5.     The elimination  of chemical and polluting residues determines a greater shelf life

The farm's testimonial: "I kept the tomatoes in the greenhouse for thirteen days because the market was not going well and when I sold them they were perfect, as if they had just been picked; before I started using Bio Aksxter®, already after the first day in the fridges, after harvest, the tomatoes used to change aspect...".

6.     Using Bio Aksxter® results in superior crop quality by improving taste, increasing the Brix, vitamins and antioxidants content

The olive grower testimonial: "The polyphenol content increased from 99 mg/kg in 2012 (year when we started to use Bio Aksxter®) to 213 mg/kg in 2015, an increase of 115%. No other grower in the area has achieved these results. In particular for polyphenols no one has exceeded 140 mg/kg.”

7.     Productions are constant and homogeneous

The farm's testimonial: "The Stark orchard was producing with alternate bearing about 50 t/ha. After two years of using Bio Aksxter® it produced 70 t/ha every year thereafter.”

8.     Solving the phenomena of soil exhaustion and excessive salinity

The farm's testimonial: "In the greenhouse, I've never had such a beautiful salad; this year on the winter cycle I produced 30-40% more than last year, where the production was uneven and with more crop waste. The pH dropped from 8.3 to 7.8 in less than a year by using Bio Aksxter.”

9.     The use of Bio Aksxter® simplify the phytosanitary defence by limiting the specific interventions and optimising the crop management.

The winery testimonial: "During the year 2016, which is remembered because of downy mildew issues, thanks to the use of Bio Aksxter® I effectively defended my vines only with sulfur and copper (less than 2.5 kg/ha of copper metal were used in total).”

10.   Bio Aksxter® is the only technical mean in agriculture capable of solving problems related to pollution. It decontaminates soil and aquifers and finally eliminates chemical residues from agricultural products.

Prof. Luigi Campanella, University of Rome "La Sapienza": "The field experiences purposedly made, has shown that in the case of a land previously treated with 11 active pesticides ingredients, the fruit and vegetables grown on it with Bio Aksxter® are free from these contaminants (bupirimate, captan, chlorantraniliprole, difenoconazole, flonicamide, fluazinam, imidacloprid, flufenoxurone, acid, naphthylacetic, penconazole, pyriproxifen)".