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Are you looking for a fertiliser allowed in organic farming?

Discover Bio Aksxter® range of natural fertilisers!

 Fertilisation is one of the fundamental practices also in organic farming, furthermore in the maintenance of parks, gardens and green areas.

For organic farmers it is important to choose the technical means authorised for organic productions.

The range of Bio Aksxter® products are "allowed in Organic Farming" and are registered with the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in accordance with Legislative Decree 75/2010 and recorded in the "list of Fertilisers allowed in organic farming"

The only depolluting fertiliser for organic farming

Bio Aksxter® is a new generation of natural fertilisers, thanks to its innovative decontaminating technology represents the evolution of the organic fertilisation concept.

The benefits obtained with the use of Bio Aksxter® fertilisers in organic farming are soon visible:

  • Increase of the agronomic soil potential;
  • Protection of the soil microorganic component;
  • Prevention and reduction of issues related to phytopathologies;
  • Simplification of crop management;
  • Preservation of the highest production standards also from a quantitative point of view;
  • Productions of fruit and vegetables free of chemical residues and harmful substances.

In addition, thanks to Bio Aksxter® unique-in-the-world ability to decontaminate the soil, it reproduces the vital processes of nature by providing energy to the plant enhancing its biological program and rebalancing the microbiology of soil.

Do you manage an organic farm? Would you like to switch to organic farming? or Would you simply want to grow fruits and vegetables free from chemical residues and pollutants?
By choosing the natural fertilisation of Bio Aksxter® you will have a trustworthy ally and invisible worker who will help you giving a better life to your plants, your land and to your life in general. Combining production and environmental needs.

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