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Magnetic formulation organic natural fertilizers for soil decontamination and re-balance of cultures

AXS M31 produces BIO AKSXTER®, a range of innovative magnetic formulation fertilizers that enable soil decontamination and re-balance of cultures. The use of these formulations in agriculture, besides the increase of potentiality of primary programming of a plant, allows the rehabilitation of agroecosystem depolluting and revitalizing the soil-water-air system.

The harmful substances introduced in the environment in the last seventy years, in particular in agricultural land, are sources of total imbalance that besides limiting the revenue of agriculturist lead to a breaking of the biological chain with evident, inevitable damage and related problems. Moreover, the agronomic practises, based on maximum exploitation of soil and cultures, and on precarious equilibrium of chemistry depauperate the primary programming of a plant, on which depend the growth, the development and the production capacity.

Energy technology

The research and the development of the decontaminating fertilizers BIO AKSXTER® with magnetic formulation are based on prenano-technologies. It is important to know that the nanontechnologies refer to dimensions that vary from 0,1 nm to 100 nm (where a nanometer stands for 1 thousand millionth of a meter), on the conrary the prenano is based on the magnetic dimensions that reach non defined, out of scale, values. It is the world of energies from which derives the atomic dimension, the base of matter. The matter, expression of energy, initiates from an intermediate state programmed by basic intelligence and defined as pre-matter or matter in “pre-being”.

This fertilizers BIO AKSXTER® can decontaminate the soil and re-balance the cultures. They are highly concentrated inorganic liquids that, diluted with water, form a pre-organic compound readily assimilable, able to re-programme all the vegetal-production phases of the plant and regenerate the vital structures of soil.

Organic fertilizer


Registered in 2002 as EC fertilizer, all Bio Aksxter® products are "allowed in organic farming". They are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry under Legislative Decree 75/2010 as Molybdenum (sodium) based fertilizer solution and are inserted in the "Fertilizers Register for Organic Farming"

Unlike other products used in agriculture that are limited only to a chemo-physical action and thus contribute to an uncontrolled proliferation of open circuit molecules and trigger multiple and interdependent problems, these formulations act on the magnetic structure of the plant for its strengthening that leads to a progressive re-balance that determines the productivity of each culture.

The regeneration of a microbic faun through auto-reproduction of virgin micro organisms and the regeneration of vegetal structures are the principal innovative characteristic of the fertilizers, the result of application of exclusive nanotechnologies that permit imitation of fundamental natural processes as the one of transformation of an inert into a biomass. In these process, for loading of inert particles, a huge quantities of energy are re-used then by the plant for its programming.

Research results

These videos show how the cultivation of the tomato of five large farms is significantly improved with the use of Bio Aksxter®. In particular, the treatment of crops with Bio Aksxter® has reduced the incidence of pathogens, increased sugar levels, reduced splitting of berries, increased lycopene content and ultimately an increase in plant defenses against bacteria and other fungal diseases. Bio Aksxter® also plays an important action in the revitalization and rehabilitation of agricultural land.



Income for the farmer, consumer health, environmental equilibrium and the wellbeing of future generations

These formulations BIO AKSXTER® bring revenue to an agriculturists by maximising the productivity both qualitatively and quantitatively; they protect the consumers’ health by returning back food with elevate organoleptic-nutritional characteristics, zero residue, and which has a depollution property that, departing from agroecosystem, are of interest to the entire environment.

Their use in agriculture implies a progressive re-balance of the primary vital programme of the plant and soil; re-balance necessary more then ever, because of the actual phase of degradation caused by an exponential pollution due to the emission of damageable substances in environment (of which constant and uncontrolled transformation brought to the breakage of biological chains and the development of numerous pathologies) and because of the exploitation of agricultural soil and cultures that contributed to the depauperation of primary programming of the plant and as a consequence to a vegetal-production imbalance by now peculiar to all the cultures.

Main advantages

  • The use of these innovative organic fertilizers is simple: it foresees minimal annual quantities at hectare to be distributed through leaves or roots during the vegetative cycle, also along with other products; quantities superior to the indications never damage the plant.
  • The introduction of BIO AKSXTER® does not modify the agronomic programmes in action, on the contrary, it optimises the results. The natural organic fertilizers BIO AKSXTER® can be easily handled as they cause no harmful effects for human and environmental health.
  • Increase in the revenue of farmer thanks to the increase in agricultural production, the percentage of the increase can vary, depending on the state of the soil and culture, from 20 to 100 percent.
  • A progressive increase of the results is linked to a re-balance of the plant and soil that articulates in three annual phases: a first phase of the preparation, a second phase of strengthening and a third phase of stabilization to which follows a maintenance programme. The results are visible since the first applications.
  •  Its recharging and regeneration action reaches a depth of 80 cm.
  • The field of application comprises all agricultural sectors - the organic or conventional one, in the open field, in soillless systems or in greenhouses, intensive and extensive crops (industrial crops, pastures, etc.).
  • It purifies the plant and the soil from pesticides and pollutants, eliminating any chemical residues in farm produce.

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