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20th anniversary

Magnetic flux biological fertilizer

BioAksxter® is the biological fertiliser with magnetic formulation. It is based on the discovery of Alessandro Mendini, an italian researcher.
The natural fertilizer with many benefits for your farm:

  • the innovative formulation decontaminates the soil
  • prevents and reduces plant diseases
  • thus increasing the productions of any type of cultivar. Both in terms of quality and quantity.
  • eliminate chemical residues from agricultural products improving crop taste and shelf life

Natural depolluting fertiliser BioAksxter®

Intervening on the productive capacity of the soil and reprogramming the balance of the crops, the natural fertilizer BioAksxter® represents a real innovation for agriculture, whether organic, integrated or conventional.

Designed to cope with ongoing climate change

Innovative solutions to cope with adverse weather conditions and support farmers in protecting their crops by increasing resilience and ensuring sustainable production.

For all crops and needs

BioAksxter® fertilisers are liquid and highly concentrated.
They revitalise and regenerate the soil through the self-reproduction of "virgin microorganisms" and they are also readily assimilated by the plant.
They are the ideal fertilisers for any type of cultivation; in open fields, outside the soil or in the greenhouse, both for professional and hobby farmers.

On the agricultural market since 2002

Its market debut the year 2002. Since then a continuous research, the development of targeted protocols for farms and numerous field experiences confirmed that BioAksxter® is effective in maximising crop production performances.

AXS M31 Corporate

Company specialized in the production of biological depolluting fertilizers. See corporate

Agricultural products BioAksxter®

Natural fertilizer for the best performances of all fruit, vegetable, cereal and nursery crops.

fruit growing, horticulture, cereal growing, olive growing

M31 Agriculture

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Ideal in floriculture and young plant nurseries, in the production of short-leaf horticultural crops and in the maintenance of green spaces, such as parks, gardens and lawns .

floriculture, nursery, horticulture, green areas

M32 Horticulture-Floriculture-Nursery

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The natural fertilizer formulated on purpose to obtain the best performances of the vineyards. By balancing plant and soil, it prevents and reduces vineyards diseases.

vineyard cultivation

M31 Viticulture

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Better results on vegetable and fruit crops in photovoltaic greenhouses: compensates for the lack of light up to 70%

horticulture, fruit growing in lack of light

M31 Photovoltaic Greenhouse

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Production of leafy vegetables, floriculture and nurseries in situations of light deficiency? Quick and concrete results with BioAksxter® M32 photovoltaic greenhouse line.

floriculture, nurseries, horticulture in light deficiency

M32 Photovoltaic Greenhouse

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Applicazione Universale

hydroponic and aeroponic crops

M31 Hydroponics

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Applicazione Universale

sports and naturalistic areas

M31 Golf Courses

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The only fertilizer for the vegetable garden, gardens, balconies and terraces, with a de-polluting effect. Natural, organic, highly concentrated, ideal for hobby use.

family gardens

M32 Gardening

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Benefits and advantages BioAksxter®



Are you looking for fertilizers that you can use in organic farming?
Find out more about the BioAksxter® range of organic fertilizers

Discover the depolluting technology

The range of BioAksxter® products, consisting exclusively of natural fertilisers, reproduce the natural process of fertilisation that takes place through the biological exchanges between water-soil-plant-air.

BioAksxter® technology goes beyond environmental sustainability. It is the only technical means in agriculture capable of solving issues related to pollution. Decontaminating soil and aquifers it eliminates chemical residues from agricultural products.

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What is the target market for BioAksxter® fertilizers?

The de-polluting BioAksxter® fertilizers have been designed and created for all farms which face issues with tired and unproductive land, unhealthy crops or ones which need replacing, low yields, poor quality, poor shelf life, chemical residues, polluted soils and more.

BioAksxter® is also designed for anyone transitioning to organic farming, for those who simply want to improve their results or prevent agricultural and environmental adversity, and lastly protect their farm’s income and future.

Extreme Atmospheric Events: solutions for resilient agricultural production

BioAksxter® technical area

Agricultural problem solving, technical tips, agricultural suggestions, scientific and agronomic glossary.

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Success case stories with BioAksxter®

Some of the experiences of those who have developed a profitable agricultural business thanks to the use of BioAksxter® fertilizers.

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Latest articles from BioAksxter® Magazine

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About Downy Mildew of Grapevines

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Applying BioAksxter® during Flowering: damage-free treatment

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Pesticides in Vinschgau: how to opt for sustainable management of apple orchards

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The Industrial Snow Phenomenon: Effects on Agricultural Crops

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31 January 2024 / Sara Appoloni

Withdrawing arable crops from agricultural production or depolluting?

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Hell or heaven, all about antimicrobial resistance

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Let's start by saying what antimicrobials are. They are antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic drugs... Read

10 January 2024 / BioAksxter®

NATURAL farming, ZERO residue. A utopia?

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Two concepts emerge strongly in the vast landscape of sustainable agriculture: zero-residue farming and natural... Read

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