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Natural depolluting fertilisers for soil fertility: sustainable, resilient, and productive farming

Bio Aksxter® is the natural nanostructured fertiliser with magnetic formulation. It is based on the discovery of Alessandro Mendini, an Italian researcher.

The innovative formulation decontaminates the soil, prevents and reduces plant diseases thus increasing the productions of any type of cultivar. Both in terms of quality and quantity.

Its action intervenes on the soil productive capacity, reprogramming the biological balance of plants. Bio Aksxter® natural fertiliser represents a real innovation for agriculture, whether is organic, integrated or conventional.

Bio Aksxter® fertiliser is liquid and highly concentrated. Its formula revitalises the soil through the self-reproduction of "virgin microorganisms" and it is also readily assimilated by the plant. It represents the ideal fertiliser for any type of cultivation; in open fields, outside the soil or in the greenhouse, both for professionals and home gardeners.

Its market debut the year 2002. Since then a continuous research, the development of targeted protocols for farms and numerous field experiences confirmed that Bio Aksxter® is effective in maximising crop production performances.

Benefits and advantages
6 lines of products for different farming needs and one common goal: producing healthy and profitable crops
  Decontamination and revitalisation of the soil rebalancing the agro-ecosystem;

  Prevention and reduction of diseases by increasing the plant autoimmune defences

  Maximisation of crop yields and qualitative parameters ensuring greater farm income;

  Elimination of chemical residues from agricultural products improving crop taste and shelf life;

  Healthy supply chain, from the field to the table: 360° well-being.

    Innovation for a sustainable management of agriculture, the biodiversity and the environment;

The new technology of Bio Aksxter® organic fertiliser

The innovative formulation of Bio Aksxter® fertiliser reproduces and boosts the natural processes that occur through the biological exchanges between water, soil, plant and air. Restoring the biological balance of the already compromised plant-soil system, Bio Aksxter® satisfies the most demanding farming needs.

Because of its peculiar characteristics, Bio Aksxter® is different from any other fertiliser in the market.

The technologically advanced formulation of Bio Aksxter ® acts on the plant natural program regenerating and revitalising the soil structure. It strengthens the plant autoimmune defences, preventing and reducing the incidence of diseases and environmental stresses.

What does that mean in pratical terms? It does mean using less phytosanitary treatments optimising the farm resources, without changing agronomic techniques and intervention plans. Bio Aksxter® natural fertilisers maximises the production results.

Bio Aksxter®’s goal is to safeguard the farmer's income, the consumer health, the environmental balance and the well-being for future generations.

Bio Aksxter®, for a better life!