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Prof. Luigi Campanella | Added value

In the field of research, AXS M31 has benefited from the important collaboration with Prof. Luigi Campanella, University of Rome "La Sapienza". Expert of proven reputation in the field of electrochemistry, author of over 500 works in the fields of Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Analytical Biotechnology, Chemistry of Cultural Heritage, and also a scholar of chemical and biological methods for the degradation and removal of pollutants (surfactants, hydrocarbons, pesticides, heavy metals) in civil and industrial discharges. Member of numerous study commissions of the National Research Council (CNR), of the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Research, of the University and of the Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA).

prof. luigi campanella

Prof. Luigi Campanella and the experimental research sector in the field of vital plant structures of AXS M31 have conducted a series of tests and analyses in order to determine the effects of Bio Aksxter® on respirometric activity and potential red-ox on soil and plants.

Here are the results of the work:

Bio Aksxter fertiliser increases the chlorophyll synthesis of the plants due to an increased ability to capture solar light energy (this ensures photosynthesis even in conditions of reduced light exposure) and also programs the equilibrium between plant and soil. These qualities result valuable for the regeneration of exhausted soils either by natural processes, plant diseases or pollution.
The above benefits generate an increase in production and quality of the agricultural products without using nitrogen and/or phosphorus based fertilisers.
Bio Aksxter® also helps to remove any contaminant from the soil thanks to its boost to the biological activities through the oxidative metabolic mechanisms. The field tests have shown that in a soil previously treated with 11 active chemical ingredients, the fruit and vegetables grown on it using Bio Aksxter® were free from these contaminants.

Download Bio Aksxter efficacy report_Prof. Luigi Campanella_University of Rome