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Researcher Alessandro Mendini - Innovation

Mendini formulations since 1981 to the present day

Alessandro Mendini is the researcher who has formulated the innovative depolluting technology Bio Aksxter®, thanks to which it is possible to regenerate the vital structures of plants and soils, enhance the natural growth of plants and obtain healthy agricultural products. The commitment of a life for planetary progress, continuous improvement for agriculture, environment and human health.

ricercatore alessando mendini

In the following testimony, a part of the evolution of his research:

I Alessandro Mendini, born in Trento on 13/02/1942, Italian Social Security Number MNDSLN42B13L378H, on the basis of the documents dated in the year 2000 concerning the research conducted by the University of Catania, Department of Chemical Sciences, Laboratory of Biochemistry:

  • Evaluation of the effects of JKCXSOR compound on tomato cultivars: Italpeel, Fuego and Roma;
  • Evaluation of the effects of JKCXSOR compound on wheat cultivars: Maestra, Nobel, Mieti and Serio.


That the compound initially called JKCXSOR, from year 2002 changed denomination in Bio Aksxter®.

The formulation of the present product has been progressively enhanced and revised considering the parameters of the existing environmental conditions. Furthermore, the formulation has been integrated with Sodium Molybdate in the measure of 7-8.5% to obtain a molybdenum-based solution at 3% whose use is ALLOWED IN ORGANIC FARMING.

The product improvements concern the following parameters:

  • Increase of the formula energetic charge;
  • Enhanced efficacy to contrast pollutants on soil, water and air;
  • Heightening the plant’s capacity of light capture, referred to Bio Aksxter® greenhouse line formulation;
  • Increase of the formula effectiveness to revitalise the soil, increase the crop quantitative and qualitative parameters, reduce the phyto-pathologies incidence and eliminate the chemical residue from the agricultural productions.

Download the declaration of the researcher A. Mendini.pdf

Download Study on tomato cultivars_University of Catania.pdf

Download Study on wheat cultivars_University of Catania.pdf

Download Final evaluation report_University of Catania.pdf