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Much more than an organic fertiliser for gardening: it is natural, effective and with activated minerals.

Bottle 1L 50
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Bio Aksxter® M32 gardening line is designed for hobby use. It is the ideal product for those people looking for an effective fertiliser for their garden and also vegetable garden. It is engineered for the cultivation of flowers, ornamental plants, bonsai, fruit plants and vegetables grown in field or pot.

It is the only natural, highly concentrated fertiliser with a depolluting action.

Bio Aksxter® M32 gardening line advanced technology, reproduces the natural processes of fertilization regenerating the vital balances between plants and soil.

An innovative fertiliser, easy to use and free of harmful effects.

The only fertiliser with activated minerals, able to increase the quantity and quality of fruit and vegetables productions and also health and beauty of your plants.

The use of Bio Aksxter® M32 gardening line is particularly suggested in urban gardens where pollution is high.

We recommend it for areas up to 300 square meters.

Those people who cultivate with passion can finally obtain outstanding production results!