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Cultivating in the greenhouse in situations of light shortage: with Bio Aksxter®: optimisation of your farm investment maximising the crop production.

Can 5L 540
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The ideal fertiliser for production of leaf vegetables, floriculture and nurseries in situations of light shortages. Quick and effective results with Bio Aksxter® M32 greenhouse line.

Bio Aksxter® M32 greenhouse line is the natural nanostructured fertiliser with magnetic formulation, scientifically engineered to enhance the light capture of plants improving the photosynthetic processes.

The advanced technology of this unique fertiliser reproduces the natural processes, regenerates the plant structures thus increasing the plant potential. It also decontaminates and revitalises the soil from pollutants and finally increases quality and quantity of the productions.

Its action focuses mainly on the plant vegetative development. It is the ideal product to obtain the best agronomic results on leaf vegetables, floriculture and nursery cultivation in all situations of light shortages.

To reduce the incidence of plant and soil diseases, we recommend using it in conjunction with Bio Aksxter® M31 greenhouse line.