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Greenhouse horticulture

BioAksxter® Benefits and Usage Modalities


  • The plant rebalance optimizes the vegetative development and increases production. Tissue elasticity increases, internodes have regular spacing, and flowering and fruit set are high throughout the cycle. The productions are distinguished by homogeneity of size and better coloration; the harvesting period is extended and the percentage of waste is reduced. The increased texture and elasticity of the tissues increase the hardness of the fruit, which is maintained over time.
  • The increase in plant self-defences prevents and reduces pathogenic attacks and facilitate the overcoming of temperature shocks. Furthermore, the use of BioAksxter® is crucial to prevent and contain diseases (e.g. downy mildew, powdery mildew and bacterial diseases), particularly during harvesting when crop protection products with a long residual period can not be used.
  • The elimination of chemical and polluting residues determines a greater shelf life, improves the taste, increases the °Brix, vitamins and antioxidants content. As demonstrated by university research, tomato cultivars has shown an increase of 10% of the lycopene content, a natural antioxidant known for its anti-tumor properties.
  • The regeneration and revitalization of the soil rebalance the microorganism fauna, restore fertility and humification capacity. Crop residues degrade rapidly avoiding the onset of diseases. The phenomena of fatigue, excessive salinity and problems such as nematodes, fusarium and suberose root are contained and gradually resolved. The productions are constant and homogeneous.


SHAKE BEFORE USE. Delute in water and treat by root or by foliar way according to instructions.

Greenhouse horticulture: 4.5 liters per hectare per cycle of 120 days. Interventions: every 7 days.

  • In case crops are hit by stubborn phytopathologies, it is essential to perform pre-treatment with a triple dose before seeding / transplantation and to double the dosage of the first 3 treatments.

Distribution mode

  • The indicated doses can be diluted in any volume of water and distributed, either radically or foliarly, by any means available and with any meteorological condition.
  • BioAksxter® is miscible with any other product and can be used in any phenological and cultivation phase, even during flowering and harvesting.
  • Doses higher than those indicated will never damage the plant.


  • The soil preparation treatment carried out before landfilling of crop residues further improves their degradation and humification.
  • In soil preparation, make a treatment 10-15 days before transplanting.
  • The wetting of young plants before planting with 50 ml per hectolitre further reduces transplant stress.
  • The treatment in bloom favors the pollination as the bees are attracted to it.
  • In fertigation, BioAksxter® should be added to the nutrient tank on a weekly basis.
Doses for surfaces less than one hectare
until 1.000 m2 x 3
until 2.500 m2 x 2,5
until 5.000 m2 x 1,5
until 8.000 m2 x 1,2

Proportion the dose per hectare to the surface to be treated and multiply by the coefficient.

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